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The period of time leading upThe period of time leading up to the Winter Solstice is hard on all of us. The days shorten and our body time is upset by the changing of clocks every fall forcing us to adjust twice to the shortening days. For some of us this moment, as we approach the solstice, is received as a powerful energy drain as our planet reaches the farthest point in the elipse. It is almost a sensation of the earth struggling to hold on to its orbit while preferring to just fly off away from the sun. After the 21st, not only are the days getting longer, but we are more stable as we have indeed held on to our orbit and begin cycling back towards our sun and days of light. For me and other folks sensitive to the pulls of gravity, this is a hard time and I long for December 22. And each year I wonder how many of the upsets and illnesses and stresses that are associated with this time or year are not only due to the holiday rush, but are all due to our amazing earth spinning out to its furthest point in the elipse.

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