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I moved from the city to 5I moved from the city to 5 acres in the country. Unfortunately, I did not have time to collect many seeds before the move. Therefore, I have to start all over again. I would greatly appreciate any assistance as I begin my new garden. I only have Morning Glory seeds to swap at present, but will have more to offer as time progresses. I am only interested in seeds from plants that have been organically grown and when possible are non-hybrid. I would appreciate any suggested seeds as well as any of those listed that will grow well in Parker County Texas, zone 7 & 8: Oregano, Dill, Parsley, Sweet Marjoram, Mustard, any types of onions, Cilantro; Eggplant, All types of peppers, all types of tomatoes; All types of Sunflowers, Echinacea Purple coneflower, all types of Cosmos, Sweet Peas and trumpets; Catnip and any other herbs that cats may enjoy, Johnny Jump-ups, Holly Hocks and any herbs or plants that are known to help reduce bugs or critters in the garden. I would like to cultivate fruit, especially berries and grapes and would appreciate any seeds that would help with this endeavor. gracckle@gmail.com

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