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ookiei love growing tomato plants every since i can remember my father growing them i have been hooked...there really easily to grow long as u provide them with enough sun in the day mostly i like mine getting the morning sun and the after noon shade where its the hardest on them...i give mine water once every 3 days to keep the soil around them moist unless we have had rain then i wont..i love canning tomato's and tomoato juice which is the best for homemade chilli..for bugs i use hot sauce and some salt mixed up to keep them off seems to work just dont spray it on them in the heat of the day wait till its almost sundown and for the breaking stem deals..after mine start getting any taller then 6-8 inches they are staked u with anythting i can find rather it be fishing pol rods that are broke or decent sticks under the trees then as they grow i tie them up in sections..hope this helps ya out but this is my method everyone has some different good luck..ookie ky

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