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You may be interested in theYou may be interested in the Van Allen Probes project. These 2 probes were launched June 2012 and are studying the Van Allen Belts. So far as what has been published, it seems as if these probes will allow us to know a lot more about the magnetosphere. SOHO is another interesting project that is giving us a better understanding of the Sun. SOHO has changed how some people look at Space and Earth weather and are seeing the connection. Some others just don't want to look in that direction because they are not up on the subject. There have been people seeing these connections for several hundred years. From a chemistry perspective, there is a connection between what is coming from the Sun and our atmosphere. UV light in the stratosphere effects Ozone and so does temperature of this layer. I will admit it is frustrating to hear some scientists who claim the changing Sun is insignificant in our changing climate and that the magnetosphere/ionosphere does not count either. I believe this is due to our very limited understanding of both the Sun and Earth.

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