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sunflower seedlingsKeep the light about 6 or so inches above the seedlings; no more than 12 inches above. Turn the light off each night, after the seedlings have had about 12 to 14 hours of light for the day. After the seedlings were transplanted into the 4-inch pots, there might have been a pause in upper growth while the plants focus on developing roots. Also, sunflowers do not like transplanting, so they may be recovering from their relocation to a larger pot. Sowing seeds in peat pots, newspaper pots, or other biodegradable container helps to avoid shock, as you can transplant them directly (pot and all) into the ground without disturbing the roots. Also check that the temperature is appropriate (about 70 to 80F), and that there aren't any drafts: too cold or hot may delay growth. The seedlings need consistent water, but do not over water, as this may invite disease. Hope this helps!

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