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Sunflowers are not toxic toSunflowers are not toxic to cats according to the ASPCA. However, to discourage cats from eating your plants, you might try putting a lemon gel air freshener in the pot or just beside it. Cats don't like the smell of citrus. Also, you might try training techniques, such as squirting the cat with a spray of water from a spray bottle if it's caught digging. (Be patient--behavior training takes time. Some cats will just become more frisky with this method, thinking it a game!) Provide your kitty with its own cat grass or catnip plants to discourage interest in the houseplants. Seed kits for these plants can be found at pet stores or some grocery stores. Set houseplants in areas that are not easily accessible to your cat--hang them up or set them on higher shelves. Cover the soil of larger plants with decorative rocks. Good luck!

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