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Unless you are plantingUnless you are planting really short rows, you shouldn't really need to replant. At least with the variety I grow. I grow rattle snake beans and barring a terribly dry summer, they will bear until frost if you keep them picked weekly. I have never needed to replant unless I did not get a good stand on my first planting. You might have some skips in your row after the first planting, if so, you can go back and replant the skipped areas in the row. If you fertilize them well (15-15-15 at planting then again about a month later as side dress) and they get a decent amount of rain, you keep up with them, keeping them picked and sprayed for insects, they will most likely wear you out and you will be begging your neighbors to help themselves. They will bear till frost as long as you keep them picked regularly (weekly).

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