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grasshoppers on pole beansOh, no! Grasshoppers are a gardener's plague. If there are only a few, you can/should pick them off by hand. And, if they are not too many in number, you can cover the plants; but it's not easy to cover pole beans growing upright. Maybe you could try hanging row covers in such a way as to stay in place and not blow around (their blowing around wouldn't serve much purpose). If the grasshoppers are in migration, in swarms, there is almost nothing you can do. Some sources recommend growing and maintaining tall grass of lush green plants around the perimeter of your garden as a diversion, or "trap crop." But you must let is grow untended/uncut, and do not water or the grasshoppers will flee to your garden. It sounds like maybe you do not have swarms of grasshoppers. Try catching and eliminating them individually as well as the trap crop. Best wishes!

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