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Spring 2013 came but WinterSpring 2013 came but Winter still refuses to leave. Old man winter is just saying to us "It may be April, but I'm not done yet." Winter has definitely showed its existence. We had 8 inches of snow where I live in Virginia. My sister from Florida flew in last Monday and she started off by saying "Seriously? There is STILL snow in Virginia?" Snow here in late March isn't that unusual, as you can imagine.. but the span area and how much snow fell was what made it historic. If it were February, then this would be normal. The stunning thing is comparing 2012 and 2013, these years are NOTHING alike!! I don't know whether its because 2013 is a cold year or 2012 spoiled us to where we expect it to be 70-80 degrees in March & April. We had 15" of snow in early March, so our winter total was impressive! More snow here than Philly, NYC and maybe even Chicago!

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