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All my years I had neverAll my years I had never heard that rabbits could conceive a second litter while still's no wonder that there are so many of them around! Poor momma rabbits, though. I have to say that my garden plants wish they would stick to what the other animals do for amounts of young ones. I think lambs are about the most precious looking babies there are. I lived on a farm that had lambs every year and they would actually play a running game with each other. They would see who could get to the other end of the pen first. As I watched, I noticed that the ones that were a bit older were doing a bit of cheating though, they would start out a bit further from the fence than the younger ones, and of course get to the other side first, where they again stopped a bit short of the fence for the return trip. They would all wait for everyone to get there before starting for the other end, but the littler ones weren't seeing that the older ones had a big advantage. lol

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