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We have all probably had thisWe have all probably had this happen: something is eating your tomatoes. Tomato horn worms can devastate a crop. Tomato fruit worms can (also) bring you to tears. (These go by several names: tobacco bud, corn ear-, and cotton boll worm.) And those are just a couple possible pests. Treatments get mixed reviews; some sources recommend insecticides with BT. Peppers may be a different story, or not. This additional outcome--on plants that are generally considered companions to tomatoes--makes us think that you should check your soil's pH and quality/amount of compost. Then again, the problem might have originated with the plants. The tomatoes could have carried worm eggs. The peppers may have been weak. Or planted too soon in season. There are lots of factors that might contribute. Gardening is somewhat of an experiment. Keep at it.

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