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I bought 8 bantum chicks at a I bought 8 bantum chicks at a local "supply" store about 1 1/2 weeks ago . they have all died (from something that I haven't been able to diagnose yet, because of the lack of symptoms) except for 1 tiny little guy, the 1 seemed weak for a few days ( when the others were sick)but when the others were all gone the 1 seemed to get better with the exception of one problem... now that it is getting feathers on its wings, they are all turning outward instead of laying smooth against it's body. what can be causing this? is it because it was sick or maybe the breed it is? ( im not sure of the breed, I bought them out of the "assorted" bin)Could it still be sick? im NOT new to raising chicks (im the proud owner of buff orphs. & sum old English bantums).and I don't want to risk my other birds if this chick could still be sick. I have NEVER seen this issue before, & would be greatful for any advice or help that you can offer.

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