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I tried this and a few otherI tried this and a few other coconut oil versions of homemade deodorants but I found them to feel slippery, were messy to make, and they would stain my clothes as well. What I found that works very well, is easy to apply, and feels dry is simply using Bragg's organic vinegar and baking soda. Use an organic vinegar as I've tried regular and it doesn't work as well. All I do after showering is to spritz on the straight vinegar with a finger pump sprayer. Rub in in a bit then towel pat dry. When completely dry,(I use a hair dryer to speed things up)using a powder puff type pad, or something more manly if you like but it works, apply a dusting of the baking soda to each arm pit and rub it around. That's it and no you don't smell like a salad, at least not after a few minutes.

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