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you're right, a "blue moon"you're right, a "blue moon" is not blue and actually the phenomenon doesn't really exist. the "blue moon" THEORY is that two FULL MOONS occur in a "month". the FACT is that the MONTH is more correctly DETERMINED BY the moon cycles and the gregorian calendar months are of a completely arbitrary calendar instituted by the pope gregory (XIII ???) of the pagan church of rome aka the catholic church and most of which are named after pagan deities. a FULL MOON ONLY happens ONCE in a MOON CYCLE but the reality is that rather than a full moon occurring twice in a gregorian calendar "month" it's actually the other way around and a gregorian calendar "month" SOMETIMES OVERLAPS two full moons. however, all other "months" overlap two of SOME OTHER moon phase such as the conjunction or the TRUE "NEW" moon which is the first visible crescent after the conjunction or it may contain two first quarter phases or two last quarter phases. the point is that the "blue moon" THEORY is not based in reality but reality is shifted in the minds of people to fit the alleged blue moon theory.

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