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Because you're confusing theBecause you're confusing the ancient Polytheist Hellenistic "Greeks" with modern Christian Greeks. The honor of logic and philosophy belongs to the Hellenistic people, not the modern Greeks. The word "Greek" has become synonymous with the Ancient Hellenes, but that's due to a lack of understanding history. I believe that the use of the word "Greek" should only be used to describe modern Greeks and should not be confused with the ancient people of the region. The ancient hellenes called themselves by the city state they lived or were from. So, if you lived in Sparta you were a Spartan. If you were from Athens you were Athenian. The modern word "Greek" is a much later construct, and has wrongly been used to include the ancient Hellenes. It's now in common use, but there is a distinction with a difference, because the Hellenistic people did not call themselves "Greeks". Modern Greeks want this modern use of the word 'Greek' to also include the ancients as they want to be associated with that great culture. Remember the father in the movie "My big fat Greek wedding" and he believed everything comes from Greek?When in fact he was associating himself, a modern Greek, with the ancient Hellenistic culture that has major influence over modern western society. Many modern Greeks try to maneuver and explain that the modern word "Greek" comes from an the ancient word "Graeki", which is actually pronounced with the letter "G" as a "Y" sound like in "Yard". But, the word "Graeki" is an ancient Latin word used to describe all the people in the Hellene land. The ancient "Greeks" were not like modern Greeks even to the extent that they were Polytheists. Modern Greeks are Christians.

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