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We started using simpleWe started using simple sewing thread. Set a few peices of your liver out and let it become a little dry/firm, you know it kinda forms a skin on it. Snatch you off a peice of thread 12 - 15 inches long, maybe more if you like. Put your liver on the hook as normal then tie it to the hook by wrapping the thread around and around being sure to cover all angles and cautious not to pull too tight pulling through the liver. Normally even after loosing your bait from the fish biting, the string stays on the hook. Sometimes you can use the same peice a couple times and it is less harmfull to the fish. We keep a couple cheap spools in the tackle box aand use the finger off an old stretchable glove as a cover to keep it tidy and not tangled in everything else. Happy Fishing, hope this tip helps.

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