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Crop rotation is a much moreCrop rotation is a much more complicated matter than can be addressed here but it will be covered at length in the 2014 edition of this Almanac! Here is an excerpt of that article that might help you: A 4-year rotation could be four plots, rows, or pie shapes in a circle, with a different plant family in each one. For example, in plot or row one, the mustard family; in the next plot or row, the nightshade (POTATO) or gourd family; in the third, the carrot or onion family; and in the fourth, the pea family. Every year, the plant families would move to the next plot, always in that order. Members of the onion family do not need to be rotated, but always give them rich, composted soil and check the pH. As per the directions above, plant seed potatoes one foot apart in a 4-inch deep trench, eye side up.

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