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My father was in the US AirMy father was in the US Air Force for 22 years and flew for various units of the 6315th Special Operations Group. I was around for 16 of those years before he retired and a year later, I joined the military proudly serving during the Vietnam era and was in-country a couple of times for short periods of time. All of my life i was told that if the US Flag was to be worn anywhere on an article of clothing, it was to be worn on the left shoulder above any military rank or insignia to signify that I am an American first, US military personnel second. The stars on the US Flag are to be closest to the heart to show my admiration, love, respect, and protection of the states represented by the stars should the need to protect the states should arise. I see so many US Military personnel (Officers, NCO's, and Enlisted personnel) walking around today with the US Flag on their right shoulders with the stars close to their backs that I want to dress them down and tell them that if they don't get that flag on their shoulders squared away, I will see to it they are reassigned to Fort Wainwright, Alaska where they will spend the rest of their military career shoveling snow off the sidewalks of the NCO family housing. As for non-military personnel wearing the US Flag on their clothing, I see this a lot, especially on the BASS circuit, but they are at least wearing them properly and respectfully, honoring all of our past and present US military personnel.

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