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I am 32 years old and haveI am 32 years old and have had problems with acne my whole life I have found through trial and error a few tricks, used coffee grounds mixed with your favorite facial soap help to exfoliate skin and clear up black heads. witch hazel is great!! after you wash your face just apply with a cotton ball. tooth paste(not the gel kind) will shrink a pimple overnight, just put a dab on at bed time and wash it off in the morning. hemroid cream will help to reduce swelling of problem pimples, and clear eyes or any redness reducing eye drops applied with a cotton swab will reduce redness. honey is a great moisturizing facial. but a clay ( I like mint julip) mask will also help to clear and shrink pores. but be shure she is using an oil free moisturizer and facial wash. eucerin makes a great skin cleanser and moisturizer that is great for sensitive skin. over washing can make acne worse !! just wash at bed time and in the am and she should be good.

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