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My husband had a lung removedMy husband had a lung removed in the latter part of 2009, we spent 4 months in the hospital. I worried about how to keep things clean and sanitized so I asked the girl that was cleaning the rooms. She told me the crap they use at the hospital wasn't any good for home use, it would do more harm then good. So I read a bottle of hand sanitizer and bought the ingredeance made my own cleaners, out of alcohol & aloe, for sanitize the bathroom and the kitchen. While I was looking for something to wash the clothing in I found baking soda & vinegar cleans and whitens as well as softens. I hope this help someone out there. None of this has a harsh smell either :) As for an oven cleaner I use a paste made up of poroxcide and baking soda,aply a good amount let set of a while and when I go back to wipe it off it looks like new:) I hope all of these little things may help some one out the reading this.

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