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While the flag is cloth, itWhile the flag is cloth, it is the representation of what it stands for that commands the respect it should be given (which is your right to do so or not - free speech). Traditions are not stupid but a means to remember/honor as well as to instill values, customs, beliefs and so on. How lucky for you to live in this country and be able to think and express the thoughts you hold. While it may be 'cloth' to you, the flag is a representation of the beliefs this nation holds dear as well as the trying times it endured successfully; think! whenever there were horrible moments in our history, someone somewhere raised the flag because it represents our nation - the line from the anthem "the flag was still there" means we will endure...think 9/11: the flag was still there; think any devastating force of nature: the flag was still there; think Boston Marathon: the flag was still there. Paul Gangi - I hope you're just baiting people to respond.

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