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Hi Audra, You can prolongHi Audra, You can prolong growing a bit but pumpkins will ripen between 70 and 120 days so use this as a guide. If you live in the South, you'd want to plant pumpkins in early July in the South to ripen in time for Halloween. Pumpkins will last 8 to 12 weeks if stored correctly. PIck them when they are mature with a deep orange color and hardened rind. Be very gentle as pumpkins bruise easily. Then let them cure--either leave in the field if the days are warm and dry or place in a warm dry atmosphere (70-80°F) with good air circulation, such as a greenhouse, for up to two weeks. Curing allows rapid drying of the outer cell layers avoids infection. After curing, store in a dry building where temperatures are 50 to 55 degrees.

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