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There are various ready-madeThere are various ready-made homeopathic medicines available in tablet or liquid form to help with feline respiratory ailments. You can find them by searching online. Before introducing any new medication, please consult your veterinarian for what is best for your pet, including proper dosage for your cat's size, age, and health condition. Also, keep in mind that some cats may develop allergic reactions to certain natural or other medications. Feline respiratory infections are often caused by a virus, rather than a bacteria. To help your cat fight the infection, keep his/her sinus passages moist by turning on a humidifier, or helping the cat to breathe in steam from a bathroom after someone has taken a shower. Provide plenty of water to drink, since your cat may tend to get dehydrated during an infection. Keep the sleeping area clean and warm. Clean all food and water bowls, and the litter box, regularly.

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