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I live in Arizona where theI live in Arizona where the summers are HOT HOT HOT!. I mean, 110-120 is the norm in the summer months. I have been trying to grow basil in planters for the past few months and nothing I do seems to work. Within a few weeks, the plants are shriveled and dead. We've tried putting them in full sun, but the sun destroyed them; and we've tried putting them on our covered patio so they get the heat but not necessarily the sun but then they shrivel and the leaves turn black. Unfortunately, I do not have a place in my house where I could put them either. We're trying again and we want to figure out what we're doing wrong. I bought 3 healthy sweet basil from my local nursery and will be transplanting them today. We did put them outside in the full sun earlier for about an hour but then some of the leaves started turning black so we brought them back inside. If you have any ideas/suggestions/tips, it would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

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