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I EMPHATICALLY advise AGAINSTI EMPHATICALLY advise AGAINST the type of devices recommended above! A neighbor has one, and I've come to refer to it as sonic terror infliction. Of course, these neighbors are old and can't hear it and they are rather ignorant so they won't listen to my request to turn it off at least during the day, so we can't have a door or window open at the back of the house or use our yard without ear plugs...These sonic devices should be illegal!! They are far far far worse than someone blasting rock music from their backyard all day, and THAT is illegal. Maybe some devices are different, but the one I am all too painfully familiar with sends a high pitched frequency every time the wind blow a branch on their yard (sometimes every 30 seconds!)that makes my entire body tighten even with our patio door closed. Absolutely not pleasant. If you have reasonably good hearing yourself and/or care about the sanity of your neighbors, do NOT get one of these!!!

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