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Thanks for responding to me.Thanks for responding to me. Ok so my pepper plants that I placed the horse manure around,( which was about 3 cups worth between the peppers and carrots) have been producing peppers for a while so they are pretty mature and I only left the manure around the base for a couple of hours because I started reading about how it wasn't good to use fresh manure as for my carrots I did pull those out :( even though I removed all manure. I did not water so it was dry in my beds. Now I did plant some new young tomato plants and I turned over the bed and mixed the manure in that bed and I did leave the tomatoes in that bed for a couple of days and then I decided to pull them and place them in another bed because I was worried. Do you think I could of left the tomatoes in that bed or should I let the manure break down for 3 months? I didn't use a lot of manure in the tomatoe bed just a few small shevel loads. I also live in Florida temps right now are in the high 90s

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