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Fruit trees need a lot ofFruit trees need a lot of care—a lot more, it seems, than anyone ever tells you. You have not provided the variety name, so we can not be certain, but our sources suggest that your trees could have brown rot, a fungus that overwinters in dried fruit remaining on a tree. You could spray with Benomyl or Captan and pick off any remaining/existing fruit. Next spring, before leaf out, spray the trees with line-sulfur to sanitize it. Check with your local nursery or agricultural extension service for details. For that matter, you might check with the source of your trees for advice, too. Then, again, it could be root rot... Or it cold be a weevil called the Plum Curculio. One source highly recommends Bonide Fruit Tree Spray, which contains captan mentioned above, among other things. Consult local sources above for other treatment.

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