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Could these be spiders thatCould these be spiders that were in the process of ballooning? Some small spiders, including those just hatched, travel by producing thin silk threads that get blown by the wind, taking the spider with it (sometimes for miles); this technique is called ballooning. Some mites also have this ability. If these are spiders, you shouldn't have a problem, since they eat garden pests. If these are mites, monitor your plants. Some mites are beneficial and eat other insects; others, such as spider mites, may attack plants, drinking the sap and causing yellow speckles on leaves, and eventually weakening the plant. Spider mites usually aren't a problem unless there is a heavy infestation. If these are spider mites, you can release predatory mites (you can order these online), mist plants daily (spider mites like dry weather), or ask a local garden nursery about insecticidal soap.

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