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Asalaam-Alakium,Asalaam-Alakium, Shalome-alakium..peace and blessings to all of mankind in their respective languages and the paths(religion0 they choose to follow. I would recommend anyone to try the Ramadan fast be they a "muslim" or non. This would be an attempt for that individual to gain not only a spirtual cleansing but also a physical cleansing in abstaining from certain foods and drinks to build up a better discipline for health reasons. This would also be a great oppurtunity for those of diiferent faiths to learn more about Muhammed(PBUH)and the Quran and come to their own conclusions about Islam for themselves. I am not a Muslim nor a Jew or a Christian but I study and respect all of these faiths for their many commonalities. I also believe in 1 God and all of his many prophets and messengers. Ramadan Mubarack!!!! to all the True Beleivers.

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