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While almost every plantWhile almost every plant likes some moisture, few want to be "kept moist." You may have provided too much water. We can't comment on the soil you purchased (because we know nothing about it), but every plant has specific needs. A significant consideration is pH (soil acidity vs sweetness, or alkalinity). Beets need/like 6.5. to 7.5. You would test your soil to determine whether you have proper pH. Beets also like rich compost; you can add this to any premixed soil, ideally before the seeds are planted but you can gently mix is around plants as they grow. You could also improve conditions by watering with mild "manure tea" (water steeped in manure). A nitrogen-based fertilizer, administered about 6 weeks after plant emergence can encourage growth. Finally, consider this, too: Utah State's Extension service suggests that you can replant in August and hope for a fall crop.

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