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I am not sure why I feltI am not sure why I felt compelled to do this but when my husband put up my flag pole as I have been asking for many years now he asked me which way to place the pully and I just said to the North of course. I don't know that this is proper etiquitte and it's too late now that it's cemented in place but is this proper? I did make sure he placed it to the left of our main entrance and that there is a street light illuminating it until I can get the spot light I need to illuminate it properly and so that I can fly it 24/7 as I have a great deal of pride in my country and I do not believe I should have to take it down and put it up every single day. Another question I have is on Memorial Day when it is to be flown at half mast but it is already flying do I then lower it and briskly raise it to the peak then to half mast or do I just lower it to half mast? Thank you.

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