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My cat is always staring atMy cat is always staring at the window while its raining so it seems to match the folklore. I wonder what would happen if I closed my curtains, that way he cant look out the window! LOL. We have had too much rain in my neck of the woods. The flooding rains need to go. This madness has got to stop in the southeast! My cat also likes to step all over my keyboard. He takes a cat nap on top of my computer. I guess the computer is a much more comfortable place than the couch, chairs, beds, etc.. I like to bribe my cat with canned tuna (he LOVES tuna) to give me a little space when I need it. He just likes to follow me around. I never knew what it was about him staring outside the window when it rains. So if this is true, I better start closing some curtains until it stops raining! Thanks Evelyn

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