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Hello. I planted about fortyHello. I planted about forty pumpkins and chose the best ones and thinned out to seven plants and they were growing like crazy and suddenly the best, biggest one started turning yellow and then the edges of the leaves started browning and sections of the leaves are now crumbling away. I want to cry. The Internet is filled with scary options of disease. This is my first year in this house and we have a huge huge yard but it has been neglected and the whole thing is just dirt. So I cultivated and tilled an old flower bed and put good soil in and the plants and a soaker hose and then mulch and they were doing wonderfully but now this. I had thought it was potassium deficiency, or general stress, but now other plants have started going yellow and one is looking unnaturally wilty. Either I am overwatering (it is very hot here and desert environment) or sun scorch (full sun) or a deficiency of some sort or a disease. I just today put chicken manure around the base of the plants. Any help would be wonderful. Are there any pictures of what overwatering would look like?

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