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Surely they are kidding aboutSurely they are kidding about most of these techniques. I haven't seen many hummingbirds around where I liove, IF I was to kiss as many as possible, it is more than likely trhat I will have my face slapped that many times also!! Don't get Yarrow or kangaroos around here !! Are we supposed to chew the 4 leaf clover first ? Don't get Doves around here, The only wild ducks I am likely to come across have died of some disease, IF I swallowed their heart, I just may die of the same disease !! IF I was to start throwing shoes around on New Years Eve, somebody is sure to be looking, to make sure that I haven't broken the mirror!! Not sure about the snail tracks!! IF I was to hide that dried turtledove's tongue in a girl's room (assuming I can find a turtledove in the first place) and she found it, I would get slapped again, and all the shoes that I threw on New years Eve, would be thrown back at me !! 18th Century France just may see the 3rd beautiful woman tell her husband, so more trouble again!! I can touch those fingers, BUT does she like my fingers roaming too ? No white doves here Not eating salty eggs, they would kill me and so I would have no need for that sweetheart except to bury me!! IF you can walk around the block with a mouthful of water, you will more than likely drown. Pulling a hair off a girl's head is another surefire way to get slapped!! Giving a girl a sweaty rotten apple will probably see it thrown back at me HARD !! Cutting my nails that often will remove any nails that I might have, and so the only girls that I would likely meet are nurses, who will do their best to tell me bluntly how stupid I am. Can't seem to win can I ????? Ah well, and I wasn't trying to win them all, Just ONE !! Happy Valentines Day!!

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