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Please help.--My home is inPlease help.--My home is in Turkey, (ex pat).Earlyier this year i returned from the uk bringing with me two 5ft conference pear trees (my favorite). Reading all the info about pear trees, i purchased another euoropean tree to cross polonate.--well i waited ,and in the begining of June the buds started to open NO flowers, It seemed happy with the position i planted it in,leaves and shoots started to appear . Now they have stopped growing the leaves a little curlled but still very green. Q. We have another 8 weeks of hot sunshine 35c untill it starts to cool down, could that be the case of it being to hot. All my other fruit trees do not seem to be affected --Apple,Peaches, lemon, & orange. ----PS, It would be an good idea to include the temptures that most plants can endure in artcles writen . Regards Michael. Trudgeon.

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