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I love reading theseI love reading these comments. I LOVE this website. In Minnesota (Mpls area) we have seen 47 degree nights and it has been chilly, much like autumn already, and we haven't hit August yet. In front, we have a tall, large bush that is already turning colors from green to yellow to orange to red. I have never in my 50+ years remember having leaves begin to turn color in July. My friend just accidentally bumped into a hornet's nest on her property and said it was low to the ground. Hmm. Those hornets were sure mad. This weather is really weird. I love autumn & winter and am wondering if we might not only see an unusually cold winter this year but snowy as well. I never heard the katydids this year which is odd. So, my question to everyone is -- can anyone help guide me to understand through an old fashioned method how to predict fall and winter weather? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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