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I had the oppocite problem ofI had the oppocite problem of many on here. I planted carrots and radishes in alterniate rows--- but way too late. In fact I think I planted around the first week of June. The only thing that came up were three radishes all in a row. My garden is very rich and unfortunatly produces ALOT of weeds. I concentrated on weeding around my squash and potato plants and as the area of the radishes was mostly bare - let it go. I recently (this weekend) weeded that area and rediscovered the radishes. They still were nice little plants - they hadn't bolted or anything... but the radish was coming up through the ground and they were huge! One is about the size of my closed fist. My mom told me I waited too long... but the plants themselves didn't look like it --- I've never done radishes before and I guess I thought much like garlic or onion you let the tops die first. (guess not!) So.... does this mean I have alot of potassium in the soil? And my mom said they would be too tough to eat... which is why I googled harvest time. I wanted to know the time to pull them from when I first see the plant sprout so I don't have it happen again and I get nice little radishes. I'll try to plant again in the fall.

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