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Today is July 31, 2013 IToday is July 31, 2013 I fertilized with liquid Neptune fertilize three days ago. It was a 2-3-1. When I went out I notice on two of my pumpkins the outside orange part was being striped off. I decided to remove the 19 pumpkins that were already all orange to protect them. I was trying to keep them on the vine for as long as possible. Will the pumpkins keep until october? I have them sitting in the sun. I live in SoCal it is about 90-98 degrees daily. I am going to live them outside for a week them bring them in. I am going to put them in a cool dark room in boxes. Will they last??? I realized I planted a month to early. It's hard in SoCal because of the heat waves we get that stresses the plant. Thank you for advice.

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