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My cat doesn't seem to beMy cat doesn't seem to be bothered by any weather that I can think of, unless it brings more birds to his window somehow. But in the last few years we've felt aftershocks from earthquakes that were really hundreds of miles away and he did seem real fond of those. He just looked at me like what is making my feet move when I'm on the floor??? And I'm convinced the thing about not letting us use computers is pretty much a species wide thing. My mom has broke her cat of it, but he's the only one! My big guy gets so he has his head either on the keys of the laptop or in the corner toward the front where the keyboard is done and the fingerpad doesn't need the space. That's kitty territory!! Except it seems like his head all of a sudden weighs 20 pounds or he's actually pulling on the corner, trying to get the computer to become unbalanced so he can have that however many inch spot that has now probably been preheated by the laptop, all to himself!! If he sees you know what he's up to he just takes a nap on that corner, drooling the whole time, hoping the computer will explode or short out or something.

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