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This is Grandma's FirstThis is Grandma's First Pumpkin Patch & the grandkids are loving watching the pumpkins grow. There are 5 pumpkins growing on the vines. I planted the pumpkin seeds May 18. Our first female pumpkin blossom to open was pollinated by bees July 26. It is has grown really fast & is now bigger than a basketball & the top is starting to turn orange. Squirrels have been bothering the pumpkin vines for the few past weeks & I'm worried they will bother the pumpkins next. I have been counting the days till harvest from the day the female blossoms were pollinated but none of the pumpkins is over 3 weeks old. Do you think they are turning orange because they are rotting? Anything I can do to save them? Thank You for any help you can give us. :)

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