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tomato blightLast year I had beautiful tomatoes until I got the blight. I talked to a gal from Cornell Univ ag dept and was told that I could harvest and set the green tomatoes out to ripen. Cut out the bad parts and eat/freeze the rest. She said that everything the blighted plants touched had to be disinfected with a clorox and water solution. I think it was one cup to one gal of water.That means all the stakes,cages,fencing,pruners,clippers, trowels, gloves,etc.-everything! The one question I didn't ask... I grew some heirloom/heritage seeds from an Amish pink tomato which also got the blight. I saved the seeds from those tomatoes. Can I grow tomatoes from those seeds? Do the seeds carry the blight? I know the leaves and stems do. BTW -Do not compost or till into the garden those contaminated leaves or stems or you will just spread the problem. Susan

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