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My roommate and I are growingMy roommate and I are growing some cherry tomato plants together. I was out earlier today, and picked what was red and ripe on the plant. He came home...and picked the ones that weren't ripe. Then proceeded to get angry with me for 'over-picking' and stunting the growth of the plant. I had been away on vacation, so I haven't been home to water it...he has been home, but I don't think he has watered in a while. The plant is about 3' tall, and regularly is yeilding between 10-20 ripe tomatoes a week or more. Now after I come back its saggy and turning brown..but still yeilding. Can you over pick ripe fruit and stunt the plants growth? I've never heard that before, and I've been growing tomatoes since I was itty bitty with my father. Any input would help to settle this debate.

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