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Numerous questions: TheNumerous questions: The backyard is sand and crabgrass, so I'm thinking of using cement bricks and creating 4 raised beds in a small area (25x40ft) to create a Victory Garden: (1) what is the dye used in cement bricks and is it nontoxic? (2) would it be safer to use clay bricks? (3) if cement raises the pH in the soil over time, how do I counteract that? (4) does mortar affect soil pH and how do I counteract that? (5) how do I kill crabgrass without using a toxic method like pouring on gasoline and burning the crabgrass, which will contaminate the sand underlayer (will be using mulch and potting soil in the raised beds) (6) what is the minimum depth for growing potatos, carrots, tomatos, beans, broccoli, lettuce, collard, bell peppers, garlic, leeks, scallions - or is that info available on the website? I'm not in a rush to hear responses since this won't happen until Spring 2014. Thank you to everyone for your responses.

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