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I live in Suffolk County onI live in Suffolk County on Long Island, NY. I am an organic Home Gardner and a first time pumpkin grower. I picked out a seed variety for decorate use as jack o'latern. In late May planted 15 seeds, none germinated. In early June planted the remaining 15 seeds and now have (1) huge plant, about 20 feet long. It is growing on a southern exposure receieving about 8 hours of early sun daily, with some additional dappled late day exposure. The vine is growing both on along the ground & has sent shoots growing up an along a fence. The plant has been flowering for about 3-4 weeks. I am finally seeing small quarter sized(mini pumpkin looking)growth on the ends of 3 or 4 vines with flower buds that have not yet opened. It's already the end of August. Am I going to have any pumpkins ripen in time for halloween? Is there anything I can do to expedite the flowers to open so they can be pollination?

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