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Hi Annette. I'm in SouthernHi Annette. I'm in Southern Ontario, and been baking using Northern Spies for more years than I care to admit. They are often not available until early October, but keep a very long time, properly stored. They hold their shape well in baked goods and are not overly juicy as some other baking apples seem to be. I also use them in side dishes where I don't want the fruit melting into the mixture. I am thinking specifically of a scalloped apple and rutabaga dish. For an apple crisp, I like to mix different apples such as a spy and a courtland and anything that needs using up, like the last macintosh! I don't find spies at regular supermarkets, usually, but do find them at the farmers markets and shops that are exclusively produce. I think of the Apple Market at 7 (?) and Mississauga Rd. or Tiveron's Market at Queensway and 10. I hope this helps. Anne

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