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JustMe, Rest assured: You doJustMe, Rest assured: You do NOT need a Facebook account to enter this contest. We have mentioned this in the newsletter and on Facebook itself. If you find this isn't working, please let us know here. It is really just a page that is "hosted" on Facebook. It's not surprising that many companies use this app because it makes it possible for us to do a giveaway easily and properly and without cost. A penny saved . . . Otherwise, it may not be as possible! We really wanted to do something fun and celebratory which is why we are giving away 222 of our annual book for free, including the shipping. The contest ended last night and we will announce the winners later today on Facebook and in our free Companion enewsletter tomorrow. We were extremely humbled by the hundreds of glowing and kind words that we saw on Facebook. We do Facebook on our own time, but it's all worthwhile when we are able to connect with our fans so easily. This is why we are on Facebook.

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