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I have 3 plants that iI have 3 plants that i started in june . I have had 2 melons that are good size the stem dose not seem to be cracking . I have lots of other melons growing of size. even one that looks like a honey dew melon but the seeds was from a cantalope melon . the 2 big melons been growing and the same size not getting bigger now for over a mounth should i pick them now or let them grow longer and will the other ones grow faster if I pick the ones that seem like there not getting any bigger . I am from nyc . this is my first time growing . I was sick of buying cantalope from the stores that are not ripe . I love cantalope . And 1 other ? it is starting to get cold here in the 50s down to the 40s , how long can the melons grow for in the cold weather and when will i know when they are gonna stop growing and die off or is it to late now for them to keep growing should i pick the 2 I have or let them go . i see the bees on them ever day thank you I hope to hear some thing soon to help me make a decission on to let them go or pick them thank you. Dan from nyc