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Norhern spy is the best forNorhern spy is the best for apple crisp, and many other things. What makes it particularly good for cooking is that it is a very large apple. It takes only a few of these big ones to make a big apple crisp. There are two minor downsides: First, they are not smooth and it takes a little practice to peel them. Second, some of them are too big for the round corer / slicers and have be be cut with a knife. A tip for apple crisp: I have tried leaving the skins on the apples and didn't like the results, but I later tried running them through a food processor and then adding them to the apples in the pan. This gives an interesting texture to the dish. No guarantees you'll like it, but it's worth a try. No sense just tossing or composting the skins if you can use them. My apples are minimally sprayed, so I have no qualms about using the skins.

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