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Last year I disposed of aLast year I disposed of a rotting miniature pumpkin in a hole (from a removed shrub), and this year I have pumpkins growing. I never prepared the soil or anything. My luck is that I can only grow what I don't want or try to grow them, so very happy that I have 4-6 pumpkins growing. Probably needed to thin them out to have better growth, as I have about 8 different vines - they have survived my neighbor mowing over them, and even have some powdery mildew. Have watered every day (or every few days) and given a few scoops of dog "treats" to help them along. Temps have dropped to below 60 at night, but everything still looks great. Most are still dark green, so not sure when they will turn or when I should harvest..which brought me to your site. Thanks for the wonderful information.

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