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I am 49 yrs old and born andI am 49 yrs old and born and bred in the South/North Carolina Mountains and since a kid my Grandparents , older neighbors , etc., always said to look at the Woolly Bear to see how much black or brown covered it's body ... the more Black the more harsher/colder/snowier winter and more Brown a Mild-Winter . predicting the winter that way , by the color of the Woolly Worm was ALWAYS at least 95% right as i have observed as far back as i can remember . There were other things i learned as a kid ... thickness of fur on squirrels , the thicker , the harder/colder winter ... the wood spiders nest , the higher built off the ground , the snowier and deep snows . that is just a few examples . some will call them wise tales but nature does not lie and if you watch it .. it will give you a dang good idea of the weather coming . all i can say is people can believe it or not . i SURE DO because i have saw the results of the animals and incects be more accurate than the weather forecasters .

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